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(Top 4) Best Traditional "Japanese Tatami Mats" to Buy Online 2023

What is a tatami mat and where can you buy one online?


In this post we will go over everything you want to know about what tatami mats are, along with their origin, uses and benefits. We will also provide options for our favorite Tatami mats for purchase online. Tatami mats are widely used throughout Japan and have been for centuries. They are utilized in a variety of different fashions from martial arts flooring to sleeping surfaces. The cushiony yet durable nature of the tatami makes it versatile and long lasting, able to hold up to years of activity and use. Some customers choose to put a futon or shikibuton on top of their tatami mat while sleeping to provide extra comfort.

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Need a "Shikibuton" (Japanese Futon Mattress) To Put On Your Tatami Mat?

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Top 4: Tatami Mats Online



Traditional style tatami mat. Great value from a trusted brand.

PRICE: From $215


The Traditional Tatami by the Futon Shop is their most standard and all around best value tatami mat option. This mat comes in all the standard American sleep sizes from twin to king and are made with 100% compressed straw. These mats measure 2 1/4″ thick and can be used to sleep on, to cover an entire room or for activities such as martial arts. These mats are durable and made from a brand you can trust, with lifetime warranties and easy to reach customer service/returns if needed. 

Traditional compressed straw tatami mat that fold up for storage and portability.

PRICE: $135


This folding Tatami mat is made for those who want to take their tatami surface on the go. This can be great for travel, yoga, hiking etc… The folding tatami is 1/2″ thick and is made with compressed straw. It also has a durable fabric backing that can withstand any surface. This tatami mat is made to be extremely light weight, making it easy to carry or move. 



Traditional tatami mats available in a variety of sizes

From $104


The Tatami Mats by Oriental-Decor are all made in the Far East, where the tradition of crafting and using them extends back hundreds of years.  This beautiful Tatami Mat is ideal for creating a small space to sit for meditation, tea ceremonies, religious gatherings or for great Oriental decoration. These tatami mats are available in a variety of sizes to fit any need or room. 


Lighter and easier to maneuver than a standard tatami mat. 100% Chemical free.

From $350


These mats are quite different than traditional tatami mats, they feel softer and are much lighter. The core is a combination of coconut hair and a cotton based natural filling. Coconut hair fibres are bonded by latex and 1.8 cm thick. A further 1 cm of mixed cotton and linen is laid on top. This combination establishes a pliable surface perfect for Yoga and soft exercise. The core is then covered with a soft rush called Igusa grass. All these improvements make CocoMat Tatami lighter (10 kg) and consequently easier to handle. Furthermore there is no aroma or smell when they come out of the packaging.  This Tatami Coco mat can be used directly on the floor with no air between the floor and Tatami mat, because of the coconut fiber in the bottom that creates air, allowing moisture to evaporate away.

History of the tatami mat

The use of tatami mats can be recorded back to the 700’s in Japan and were originally only used by nobility. Nobles would place them on top of wooden floors for sitting. It was not until the 16th century that tatami mats were used to cover entire floors or rooms within a home. Many rooms were measured based on how many tatami mats they could fit. By the 17th century tatami mats could be found in the majority of homes throughout Japan. Today, Japan has much more of a western influence and tatami mats have declined in popularity. If a home does have tatami mats at all it would be more typical for a single room to have tatami flooring rather than the entire home. 

What is a tatami mat used for?

Tatami mats are used for a variety of different functions, from flooring in Japanese homes or martial arts studios, to sleeping mats or sitting pads. Tatami mats now come in a variety of sizes to meet the varying needs of today’s culture. Many people will use them as pads to put their mattresses or shikibutons on as well. 

How much does a tatami mat cost?

Tatami mats vary in price depending on size, but when they get expensive is when you are looking to cover an entire room with mats. A single mat will cost anywhere from $100-$300 depending on size. 

Do tatami mats smell?

Tatami mats are made with compressed straw and have a unique smell that many customers are fond of. The smell can take some getting used to but isn’t anything overpowering and is preferred by many over the chemical alternative mats and flooring on the market. 

Can you sleep on a tatami mat?

Many customers either sleep directly on their tatami mats or choose to put a Japanese Futon Mattress or “Shikibuton”on top of their tatami mats. Regardless, the answer is yes, you can certainly sleep on your tatami mats. If you do choose to sleep directly on your tatami mat please be aware that it will provide a firmer sleeping surface than many of the westernized sleeping options of today. 

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Tatami mats are actually fairly common and there are quite a few high quality companies providing options on the market today. All of the companies listed in this post are companies that we trust and that have great reputations within the sleep community. You can feel confident placing an order with an of them.