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3 Best "Round Mattresses" To Buy Online: (Variety of Sizes & Styles)

Where to buy a round mattress online



In this post we outline the history of round mattresses, the sizes they come in and the best places that you can purchase one online. Luckily with the growing popularity of online mattress companies, the resources for customers to purchase custom mattresses with a click of a button has become much easier. If you are in the market for a round mattress but have had trouble finding a place to purchase one, then you have come to the right post. We have found all the best and most trusted retailers to purchase one from. 

What size is a round mattress?

Round mattresses are measured in diameter and come in a variety of sizes from 76″ to 99″. The standard round mattress sizes are:

 Twin-76″ diameter, Full 80″ diameter, Queen 84″ diameter, King 87″ diameter, CalKing 96″ diameter. Many manufacturers will offer to make custom diameters if needed. 


Things to consider before buying a round bed

Benefits: Round beds have a unique design appeal that is different from your standard rectangular bed set. They add to the decor of your home and allow you to decorate in different ways than one normally would. They also provide a wow factor in any room due to their rareness. 

Drawbacks: Round beds are much harder to find accessories and mattresses for. Only a handful of retailers design custom bedding and mattresses and they are generally more expensive than your standard size mattresses. Round mattresses also are also commonly a final sale item with no return capabilities offered due to their custom nature. 

3 Places to Buy A Round Mattress Online



What Customers love: Comfortable gel foam mattress at a great price. Comes in a variety of standard and custom diameters.

Starting at $1299

Mattress Insider is probably the most well known and established online retailer when it comes to custom and odd sized mattresses. They have a variety of sizes available for their round mattress options and also provide 100% custom options as well. The can easily order a round mattress from their website and receive it within 5-7 business days. Mattress Insider is #1 on this list due to the quality products they provide and their reputation for top notch customer support. 


What Customers love: Free delivery and 30 day return policy

This round mattress measures 86″ in diameter and is 8″ thick. It is made with standard polyurethane foam, which may not be the most amazingly comfortable mattress you have ever slept on but it certainly won’t be the worst. Where this mattress stands out from other retailers is that they provide free delivery and returns, which many retailers don’t offer for custom products. 


What Customers love: Multiple thicknesses. High density foam with 8-10 year lifespan.

This round mattress is 86″ in diameter and comes in an 8″ or 10″ thickness. It comes made with a high quality, high density polyurethane foam for a great long lasting feel. Meilmoon makes this mattress locally in the USA and is a trusted company in the industry. 

Alternative options for purchasing a round mattress

If you prefer to try your mattress out before purchasing it there are some brick and mortar retailers that make their standard mattresses in round designs as well. This allows you to test out and choose a mattress that sleeps to your specific needs. Verlo Mattress Factories, Select-A-Bed and Michigan Discount Mattress are a few options that have available showrooms for you to test and choose your specific round mattress. 

How to get rid of an old mattress

If you are purchasing a new mattress online, chances are you will be needing to get rid of your old one. This can prove to be tough, as many of the donation centers do not accept mattresses anymore and major junk companies charge an arm and a leg. Well you are in luck. A Bedder World recycles mattresses across the country for 20-30% less than the big junk companies. You can book a mattress removal here.

Overall, a round bed can be a fun and beautiful addition to any home. If you are on board with having to spend a little more money and probably not getting the highest quality mattress in the world, then you may be the right candidate for a round bed in your home. Austin Powers had one and it looked pretty cool so how could you go wrong?