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(Top 5) Best "Memory Foam Futons" For Luxurious & Functional Comfort

Our top 4 favorite memory foam futons available online 



If you enjoy the comforts and feel of memory foam you may be interested in finding a memory foam futon. While memory foam futon mattresses aren’t extremely common, there are a few retailers who sell them. A memory foam futon can be a great way to gain pressure relief and support while sleeping and sitting and can make for an extremely comfortable futon mattress. In this post we have gathered our favorite memory foam futons on the market, from budget friendly options to luxury high end futon mattresses, there is an option for all comforts and sleep preferences. 

Our Top Picks - Memory Foam Futons

Best Overall Memory Foam Futon Mattress – The Alpha Advanced Futon Mattress

Best All-in-One Memory Foam Futon Couch – The Novogratz Memory Foam Futon Couch

Best Soft Futon Mattress – The Viscose Futon Mattress

Best Budget Option – The Memory Foam Futon by Milliard

Most Versatile – The Fabric Futon Sofa Bed

5 Best Memory Foam Futon Mattresses



What Customers love: great all around futon mattress. Medium-firm feel.

The Futon shop is one of the most well known manufacturers of futon mattresses. The Alpha Advanced performance futon mattress is a medium-firm feel with a memory foam feel. It works great as a traditional mattress or on a futon style frame. The all foam design allows it to easily act as a couch or as a mattress. The futon shop also sells a variety of futon frames to put this mattress on. 



What Customers love: Comfortable memory foam futon. Highly reviewed.

The Novogratz memory foam futon is an all-in-one futon couch and mattress available at an affordable price on amazon. This will not be as comfortbale as buying a genuine futon mattress but if you are looking for an affordable functional futon that is decently comfortable then this is a great option. 



What Customers love: Great price for the quality. Softer feel memory foam futon

The viscose memory foam futon by the Futon Shop is a deluxe futon mattress with a softer comfortable feel. If you prefer a softer sitting and sleeping surface then. this futon is a great pick for you. Futon shop also offers a variety of futon frames that this mattress can be placed on top of. 



What Customers love: Memory foam futon mattress at a great price. Highly reviewed on Amazon.

Milliard is known for their budget friendly sleep products on Amazon. This futon mattress is at an entry level price point and is a great value for the quality. If you are looking for a memory foam feel for your futon at a budget friendly price point then this is a perfect option. It comes highly reviewed on amazon and will fit the majority of futon frames. 



What Customers love: Versatile positions and comfortable memory foam cushioning.

This futon mattress and couch is able to function as a variety of furniture pieces from a couch to a lounger to a bed. The memory foam cushion makes it comfortable enough to sleep on or sit on. 

What is a memory foam futon mattress?

A futon is a type of convertible couch that originated in Japan. A futon can switch from a couch to a mattress and back again, depending on whether you need to sit or sleep. A futon can be a great addition to any home that want to be able to accommodate additional sleepers from time to time, especially if you are looking for space-saving furniture for smaller living rooms or bedrooms. A futon can be a more comfortable option than a standard pullout couch. 

Memory foam futon vs a standard futon?

A memory foam futon has much of the same internal components as a standard futon, however, memory foam is incorporated into the top comfort layers in order to provide additional pressure relief and support. A memory foam futon can be a great option for anyone with back pain or for heavier individuals who want additional support from their futon. A standard futon is moslty made with cotton and wool filing and possibly some polyurethane foam support. 

How thick should a futon mattress be?

A futon mattress is generally 6″-10″ in thickness. 10″ is generally the maximum thickness for a futon due to the need for it to be flexible and bend when the futon is in its “couch” position. Memory foam futons will generally be on the thicker end of this spectrum. 

Can you put a traditional mattress on a futon?

No, a traditional mattress cannot be used on a futon frame. A traditional style mattress is generally too stiff and thick to be able to bend with a futon frame and would not be functional in the “couch” setting. If you have a futon we highly recommend that you purchase the appropriate futon mattress for the frame. Futon mattresses have come a long way over the years and there are styles and options for all types of sleepers including memory foam futons. 

How much does a memory foam futon cost?

The price of a memory foam futon will depend greatly on which style you choose. An all in one futon couch from Amazon may cost a few hundred dollars but would not be a great option as an every night sleeper, whereas a high end memory foam futon mattress and frame could run close to $1500-$2000. 

How to choose the right memory foam futon?

When buying a futon mattress, especially ones made of memory foam, it is important to keep a few factors in mind to make sure you get one that meets your need. 

Price: In general the more you spend the better the comfort and support will be. Memory foam may all look the same but there are varying qualities. Make sure you understand that a cheaper memory foam futon may not give the support and comfort to someone who plans to sleep on it every night. 

Use Case: How do you plan to use this futon? If you will be sleeping on it every night we highly suggest buying a futon frame and a separate high quality futon mattress. If you will mostly be using it as a couch that will sleep occasional guests, you could get away with purchasing a cheaper all-in-one futon from Amazon.