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How To Get Rid of A Mattress in Alexandria, VA (4 Local Options)


In this article we will cover 4 options residents of Alexandria can utilize to get rid of an old mattress or box spring. As one of the bigger cities in Virginia, Alexandria has more options to get rid of your mattress than many other places do. Whether you want an environmentally friendly recycling option or a place to drop off we have you covered with a variety of choices.

 1. A Bedder World Mattress Recycling (Curbside pick up)


Bedder World began as a small mattress recycling company in Colorado and has grown over the years to add locations and service areas.For the past few years they have been a great resource for residents of Alexandria to utilize for proper mattress disposal.

-Serving all areas in Alexandria, including Old Town, Eisenhower Valley, Rosemont, The Berg, Parker-Gray, Del Ray, Arlandria, West End, North Ridge, and Potomac Yard.
-Curbside Mattress Removal Service 6 days/week
-20%-30% Less than major junk companies.
– Over 1 million mattresses recycled.
-Easily Book Online

Bedder World makes it very easy for anyone in Alexandria to get rid of a mattress. Whether you are in an apartment complex in the city or have a strict HOA they can work around your location.


2. Alexandria Bulky Item Pickup

Bulky items CAN be set out with your regular trash pickup in Alexandria, as long as each item weight is less than 75 pounds. (On average, twin and full size mattresses fall under the 75 pound weight limit, but queen and king size generally are more). 


3. Alexandria Waste Recovery

 If you have a truck or large vehicle to transport your old mattress in, you can bring it to the Alexandria Waste Recovery Center. Each mattress/boxspring is $60 per piece to drop off. Depending on the time of year you are getting rid of your mattress, make sure to take note of the recovery center’s hours as they vary. 
Address: 625 Burnside Place, Alexandria, VA 22304

4. DIY Mattress Recycling

Are you thinking, how hard could it be to break down a mattress? The answer: that depends. When tearing apart a mattress, only a few tools are needed but it can be hard work and time consuming. A mattress mostly consists of foam, fabric, metal and wood.  Each of these components can be recycled and reused to make other finished goods. If you decide to go this route, our friends at Budget Dumpster have an informative step-by-step guide to breaking down your old mattress. This option is rewarding, as it is an eco-friendly way to get of your old mattress


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