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How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Minneapolis (5 local Options)

How To Get Rid Of A Mattress In Minneapolis (5 local Options)


If you live in Minneapolis and need to get rid of an old mattress, you have come to the right place!

Mattresses are becoming harder and harder to get rid of, as many donation centers and landfills no longer accept them.

But not to worry! We have done all the research and called all the companies in Minneapolis for you. Below are our 5 favorite options for mattress disposal and recycling available to Minneapolis residents.

5 Ways to Dispose of a Mattress in Minneapolis

Option #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling – Curbside Pickup 


A Bedder World offers curbside pick up and recycling of mattresses and other sleep related products 7 days a week in a 50+ mile radius around Minneapolis.

Its very easy to book, pay and schedule a pick up online here .

Simply put the mattress items outside by 8am on the day of pick up and the local team will come by and grab it along their route.

So far, Bedder World has recycled over 1 million mattresses, freeing up over 26 million sq.ft. of landfill space!

Option #2: Drop off For Donate At Bridging

bridging-donation-center-logo is a local organization. This organization accepts your household furniture that you no longer want if it is still usable.

They will pass this on to those who need it the most. 

You can opt to drop-off your items at either of the locations in Minneapolis. These are located in Roseville or Bloomington. 

When you drop off your items, you will not need to have an appointment. The stores are open from 9-6 Monday-Thursday and 9-3 Friday to Saturday.

The company accesses used and new items that are free from stains, rips and strong smells. You must clean any of these items before you donate them.

Rules for what kinds of mattresses are accepted:


If you are not sure if an item is suitable for donation, consider whether you would give this item to a friend or family member. 

Option #3: Drop off At Second Chance Recycling


If you have a truck or a means to transport your mattress you can drop it at seciond chance recycling for a fee.


This company recycles over 60,000 mattresses every year helping to keep these mattresses out of landfills.

This company is not only great because of the mattress recycling that it provides. It is also great because of the employment opportunities that it gives to the community.

It provides transitional employment opportunities for those who are returning from being incarcerated or those who have fallen into unemployment. 

Trainee jobs provide a very quick pathway to employment, allowing people to develop important employability skills and nurturing them in a supportive environment. 

This is a great opportunity as it not only encourages people to recycle and reuse their mattresses, it also focuses on employment for those who need it.

Option #4: Sell or Giveaway on Minneapolis Craigslist or Facebook


Have a mattress in decent condition that someone could still use? There is a large market of people in Minneapolis and around the country looking for used mattresses rather than having to spend hundreds or thousands on a new one.

If your mattress is free from stains and bed bugs you will likely be able to give it away or sell it and get some cash for it.

We recommend taking nice clean pictures and ensuring potential buyers that there are no stains or bed bugs present.

Happy selling!

Option #5: DIY Mattress Recycling


If you feel like taking on a project and being eco-friendly you can recycle your mattress yourself.

To do this you will want to cut off the cover and separate the metal and foam layers inside.

The metal can be taken to a local scrap metal yard where they will weigh it out and give you some cash for it.

The foam can be dropped at a carpet manufacturer who will shred it up and use it to make carpet padding. We recommend calling around to local carpet manufacturers to see who will accept foam before heading to their facility.

Final Thoughts 

This article has explored lots of different options for getting rid of a mattress or box spring in Minneapolis. Hopefully one of these will work for you and your needs.

When you can, we always recommend donating or recycling your mattress before throwing it out.

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