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How to Get Rid of a Mattress in Kansas City (5 Local Options)


If you are looking to get rid of a mattress in the Kansas City area you probably found that they are not the easiest items to get rid of. Not only are they heavy to move but many landfills and donation centers no longer accept them due to their inability to break down and sanitary concerns.

Luckily, there are quite a few services in Kansas City available to help residents get rid of mattresses. From a statewide curbside mattress recycling service to donation and drop off centers. We have included something for every person and mattresses in every condition.

5 Ways to Get Rid of a Mattress in Kansas City

Option #1: A Bedder World Mattress Recycling – Curbside Pick Up

A Bedder World now services customers statewide in both Oklahoma and Kansas. Book a pick up online here


A Bedder World offers mattress removal and recycling services throughout the states of Missouri and Kansas, 7 days a week. You can easily book and pay for a pick up online with 100% upfront pricing.

On the day of pick up simply put your mattress items outside by 8am and the team will come by and take them off your hands and responsibly dispose of them.

To date Bedder World has recycled over 1 million mattresses and saved over 26 million sq.ft. of landfill space.

In addition to mattresses you can also recycle box springs, bed frames, futons, toppers, sofa sleepers, bunk beds, hospital beds and bedding.

  • Serving the Entire States of Kansas and Missouri
  • Over 1 million mattresses recycled to date
  • Easy curbside pick up 7 days a week
  • Book and Pay online
  • Residential & Commercial Services

Option #2: Donate It to Sleepyhead Beds


If your mattress is in decent condition and could be used by someone else then you can donate it to the Local Kansas City charity, Sleepyhead Beds. Sleepyhead beds is a non-profit that takes mattress and bed donations and gives them to Kansas City children and families in need.

Sleepyhead Beds can accept the following:

Gently used twin, twin XL, full, full XL and queen size mattresses and box springs.

We can also accept crib mattresses and pack & plays (as long as the pack & plays are verified to contain all the pieces).

Bedding: sheet sets, blankets, pillowcases and new pillows.

Sleepyhead Beds cannot accept the following:

Any king size mattresses, Sleep Number products, water beds, futons, sofa/couch beds, day beds, mattress toppers, bed frames, headboards, rails, motorized/adjustable beds, any other furniture, or any mattress and/or box spring with stains, mold, large rips, holes burns or odors.

We can accept most bedding but not sleeping bags or used pillows. (frequently asked questions).

If you have any questions regarding the suitability of your donation, please take a picture of it and email to We can determine if your donation is reusable for our purposes or better suited for recycling with another company. If we travel to your location and are not able to accept your donation, there will be no refund of the $40.00 paid at time of donation signup.

Option #3: Drop at a Local Landfill


We always recommend recycling or donating your mattress first, as mattresses are hard to break down in landfills and take up a lot of unnecessary space. BUT if that is not an option your local municipality will allow you to take your mattress to the local landfill or may offer bulky item removal with your trash service.

Check the government website for rules and regulations for mattress disposal.

Check the government website for rules and regulations for mattress disposal.

Check the government website for rules and regulations for mattress disposal.

Kansas City – Missouri Residents

Kansas City – Kansas Residents

Option #4: Sell or Giveaway on Craigslist or Facebook


If your mattress is in decent condition and someone could get some more life out of it you can always sell it or give it away on craigslist or facebook marketplace. There are a lot of people out there who would prefer to save money on a lightly used mattress rather than spend hundred to thousands on a new one.

Make sure you take nice clean photos and are up front about any minor defects the mattress may have. Ensure buyers that the mattress doesn’t have stains and is bed bug free. And always be smart and safe when meeting someone online and never meet them alone or if you do make sure you meet in a public setting. Happy Selling!

Option #5: DIY Mattress Recycling


You can always take matters into your own hands and save some money and the environment and recycle your mattress yourself. This just requires a utility knife and some space.

Tear off the cover and separate the materials inside. The metal can be dropped at a local scrap metal yard where they will likely pay you a small amount of money depending on its weight.

The foam can be dropped at a carpet manufacturer in Kansas city that will shred it up and use it to make carpet padding. Be sure to call before heading there as not all carpet manufacturers will accept foam from the public.

We hope this guide helped you find a resource to get rid of your mattress that will work with your mattresses condition and your specific needs. We always recommend recycling or donating your mattress before taking it to the landfill if at all possible.

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