Futon Disposal Process

 A comprehensive guide on the types of futons we pick up and how we dispose of old futons. 

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What is a Futon?

A futon is a type of mattress that can fold from a couch into a bed and back again. Many people use futons for guest beds or as a 2-in-1 couch and sleeping solution for small apartments or lofts. We pick up both futon mattresses as well as futon frames. Futons mattresses can be made with foam and springs while frames can be made with wood or metal. All of these materials can be recycled and utilized back in the cycle of consumer goods. We strive to recycle as many of the futons that we pick up as possible. 

Futons Items We Pick Up

We accept futons and frames of all sizes, materials conditions and thicknesses. 

What is A Futon Made of?

Futon mattresses are primarily made of foam, metal springs and fabric. We try to extract these materials and recycle as many of the futons we pick up. 

01: FOAM

Used to make carpet underlay

Most futons utilize polyurethane foam as well as memory foam. Both of these foams can be shredded up, bailed and bonded to make carpet padding. 


Melted down and Recycled

Most futons will utilize a mix of steel coils and foam. The steel is separated from the foam and is recycled as scrap metal. The metal is then melted down and reused in other finished goods. 


Shredded and thrown out.

The fabric covering makes up less than 10% of the futon and is the only piece that can not be recycled. The fabric is shredded up and thrown out. 


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