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(Top 5) Best "Full XL" Mattress Toppers To Buy Online | 54"x80"

Our favorite full xl sized mattress toppers on the market




If you have a full xl mattress and are looking for a mattress topper to fit it, you may have realized that full xl mattress toppers are very hard to come by. Luckily, we have listed our favorite full xl size mattress toppers that you can purchase online. All of the products listed are from reputable companies that have been in the mattress industry for many years and that we believe make high quality sleep products. Our company has torn open over 500,000 mattresses and sleep products and knows what products hold up and are good value and which are not. If you are looking for a full xl mattress topper, then look no further, we have listed some great quality options for you below. 

Our Top Picks - Full XL Topper

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Is there such thing as a full xl mattress topper?

Yes, there is such thing as a full XL mattress topper. While they are not a common size, there are some companies that do offer their mattress toppers in a full xl size. In this post we have listed all of our favorite full xl mattress toppers that are available for you to purchase online. You can also click above to find full xl mattresses and full xl size bed sheets

What size is a full xl mattress topper?

A full xl mattress topper measures 54” wide by 80” long. You can think of a full xl as a mix between a queen and a full size mattress. The width of 54” is the same as a full and the length of 80” is the same as a queen. A full xl is 5” longer than a standard full with the same width and is 6” thinner than a standard queen with the same length. 


Can you use a queen size topper on a full xl mattress?

You cannot use a queen size mattress topper on a full xl mattress unless you are willing to cut 6” off of the width. It is possible to cut a mattress topper, however, there are quite a few full xl size options on the market available for purchase that will fit your mattress perfectly. 

Benefits of a mattress topper

A mattress topper can provide a variety of benefits to your sleeping platform and your existing mattress. A topper can enhance pressure relief, make a hard mattress softer and bring new life to an older mattress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an older mattress that is breaking down and sagging, a mattress topper may not be the right option for you. A mattress topper is meant to enhance your current mattress but will not revive a poor support system. A topper on top of a sagging mattress will still sag because it does not come with its own support system like a mattress does.

The different kinds of toppers

Full xl memory foam topper:

A memory foam mattress topper comes in two different types: Standard memory foam and gel memory foam. Gel memory foam simply infuses gel beads in the memory foam in order to help it sleep cooler. Memory foam is great for pressure relief and spinal alignment and is one of the most popular mattress toppers on the market. 

Full xl latex topper:

A latex mattress topper is made of natural or organic latex that comes from the rubber tree. This is a great option for anyone who has allergies or who is looking for a completely chemical free sleeping environment. Latex is also great at providing pressure relief and support. 

Mattress pad:

Mattress pads are most commonly made with cotton or wool and will make a mattress feel more comfortable or “softer”. These toppers are not generally for providing support and are more for people who need additional comfort to a hard or firm sleeping surface. 

Mattress pad:

Many companies have their own unique proprietary foams that they promote. Often these foams are a mix of memory foam, polyurethane foam or latex and provide many of the same features. 

5 Best Full XL Mattress Toppers



What Customers love: Memory foam. Infused with copper for cooling, antimicrobial and odor eliminating features.

Sleepyhead focuses their efforts on producing quality mattress toppers. The Copper topper by Sleepyhead is their most popular option. This topper takes your standard memory foam topper to the next level by infusing memory foam with Copper. This makes it antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, mite and bed bug resistant, odor eliminating and has anti inflammatory properties. Copper is becoming one of the most popular up and coming sleep product features and is a great all around health and comfort option when added into memory foam. 



What Customers love: Variety of thicknesses and firmnesses available. 100% Natural latex.

The Latex Mattress Factory is known for their quality natural latex sleep products. Their dunlop latex topper is a great quality latex material at a reasonable price point compare to a lot of the industry. Latex Factory allows you to choose your specific firmness as well as thickness of your topper. 



What Customers love: Gel infused memory foam. Various thicknesses. Affordably priced.

From $99

This 2.5 pound gel memory foam topper is made by Mattress Topper which is owned by Brooklyn Bedding. This topper is available in a full xl size and offers a 2 or 3 inch thickness to choose from. The 2.5lb density is not as high quality as some of the other options on this list but is affordably priced. 



What Customers love: Affordable 3" memory foam topper. Washable cover

The gel infused memory foam topper by Sleepyhead is a quality memory foam topper available in a 3 inch full xl option. This topper also comes with a removable and washable cover. Sleepyhead focuses on exclusively selling quality mattress toppers to students and individuals in order to make their current mattress more comfortable. 


What Customers love: Vegan. Adds comfort and pressure relief to firmer mattresses.

The full/queen size option is perfect for a full xl mattress and is a great way to add a softer feel to a firm mattress. Made with vegan materials and adds pressure relief to a firmer sleep surface

Getting rid of your old mattress or topper

After purchasing a new mattress topper or sleep product you may be wondering how to get rid of your old one. The online companies do not offer mattress disposal services so you are on your own finding a way to get rid of it. Luckily, A Bedder World offers mattress disposal and recycling throughout the country. We have recycle dover 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside and POOF let us come take them off your hands. A single mattress costs around \$80 to dispose of. 

Overall, choosing a mattress topper boils down to your preferences and personal needs. All of the companies in this list are trusted in the industry and provide a great product that you will be happy with.