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5 Beautiful "Floating Bed Frames" to Buy Online 2023

Tim Sumerfield

Tim Sumerfield


In this post we have listed our favorite floating bed frames and where you can buy them online. All of the bed frames listed below have supports that are hidden beneath the frame in order to give the appearance that the frame is “floating” above the ground. Floating beds give your bedroom a unique modern and minimalist appeal that is sure to catch the eye. If none of the beds listed below meet your needs or price point, there are also a variety of tutorials on Youtube for how to craft your own floating bed frame from scratch if you prefer to take that route. 

What is a floating bed frame?

A floating bed frame is a bed that appears to be floating above the ground. A floating style bed gives off a minimalist modern aesthetic while adding an open airy feeling to a room. Floating beds are most commonly seen as woodworking tutorials on Youtube. After these tutorials became popular many companies then added floating beds to their product lines. 

Are floating beds stable?

Yes, floating bed frames are just as sturdy, if not more sturdy, than a standard bed frame. While it appears to be floating above the ground, most floating beds actually have a very strong support. You are unable to see the support because it is hidden in the shadows of the frame. 

How does a floating bed frame actually "float"??

While a floating bed appears to magically hovering above the ground, in reality it is not. The support system is simply hidden towards the center of the bed, in the shadows. To the eye you cannot see the support, giving the impression that the bed is hovering above the ground. 

5 Floating Bed Frames


What we love: Minimalist floating design. Easy assembly, no tools required.

From $395 (for a twin)

The Floyd bed frame is one of the most popular floating beds on the market. The design is japanese and minimalist in nature and allows you to sleep low to the ground, seemingly floating in the air. The Floyd bed is extremely easy to assemble and does not require any tools. Simply snap the pieces together and add an optional headboard or matching furniture pieces. The bed comes in 2 different stains to match the majority of room styles. The Floyd is our favorite floating bed option on the market. 


What we love: Minimalist floating design. Affordably priced.

Its unique design gives the impression the bed floats above the ground, giving the entire room an airy feel. This bed also features a unique metal and hardwood slat construction allowing for easy assembly, sturdy construction and easier handling.


What we love: Handcrafted solid wood. Eco-friendly and socially responsible.

PRICE: From 3,699

Avocado is known for their organic mattresses and extremely sturdy and well made, solid wood bed frames. The Malibu floating bed is made from solid wood and comes in a natural wood finish. This bed is Avocado’s newest addition to their furniture line and seems to be their response to the overwhelming demand in the market for floating bed frames. This bed frame sit low to the ground and is available to purchase with matching side tables as well. 


What we love: Affordable floating bed. Simple design.

Amazon has a variety of floating style bed frames available. If you are looking for a more affordable option then the Nordik is a great pick. The Nordik is a similar style to the Avocado float bed above but it is much more affordable. While you may not get the same quality of materials or craftmanship, you will achieve the same lookat a fraction of the overall price. 


What we love: Affordable and customizable

Materials and your time.

Follow these 19-step instructions and build your own floating bed frame. 

Getting rid of your old bed set

If you are purchasing a new bed frame, chances are you will need to get rid of your old one. Most online companies will now take away your old items when your bed set is delivered. Luckily, we provide mattress and bes set removal and recycling services. A Bedder World has recycled over 500K mattresses to date. Simply book a pick up online, put your items outside by 8am and POOF we will come by and take them away. 

Overall, there aren’t many quality floating bed frames available on the market today. You will want to look at the price range and how long you need your bed to last. As with anything you get what you pay for. Many of the more expensive bed sets are going to last for years and years while some of the cheaper sets are probably best for a few years. All the recommendations on this page are through companies we personally trust and that have a long standing reputation in the industry.