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6 Eco Friendly Bed Frames We Love


Many furniture pieces are mass manufactured without eco-friendly practices or health conscious materials. Seeing as your bedroom is somewhere that you will spend over 1/3 of your life, many people prefer to fill their bedroom with eco-friendly and non-toxic products that that can feel comfortable sleeping next to or on top of. In this post we have compiled a list of our favorite eco-friendly bed frames on the market today. This includes frames made from sustainably sourced woods, recycled materials and alternative products. You can feel good about purchasing any of these frames when it comes to their impact on the environment as well as your health.

Why Choose an Eco Friendly or Non-Toxic Bed Frame?

The online furniture industry is one of the most competitive industries online. With competition comes the need to be competitive with price which ultimately means cutting quality in some instances. When companies opt to produce their products with lower quality woods, particle boards, manufacturing practices, etc… they are able to but costs but they also sacrifice quality and the impact their products may have on the environment and their consumer’s health. Many bed frames are mass manufactured with imported woods, toxic stains, glues and epoxies that off-gas VOCs and impact our environment. If you want to minimize your exposure to VOCs and your impact on the environment it is important to research where you buy products from and to buy your bed frame from a reputable manufacturer who uses sustainable and eco friendly practices. Keep in mind these bed frames will cost more.

Top 6 Best Eco Friendly Bed Frames

  1. The Natural Wood Platform Bed
  2. The Natural Wood Platform Bed
    by Birchboards

    This wooden bed frame is made of 100% solid hardwood and holds over 900 lbs. It is easily assembled in under 10 minutes without the need for any additional tools. This frame comes in a variety of finishes from Walnut to all natural options. 

    What we love:
    • Crafted with extra strong and sturdy hardwoods
    • Available in a variety of finishes
    • Assembles in less than 10 minutes w/ all tools provided
    • Rated for up to 900lbs
    • 7 layer slats that are about 3" apart
    • 6 1/2" ground clearance
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  3. The Natural Wood Bed Frame by Birch
  4. The Natural Wood Bed Frame by Birch

    Designed to be durable, yet only with materials found in nature, the Birch Wood Frame features 100% Appalachian hardwood bed rails, 100% solid Southern Yellow Pine natural wood slats, and 100% solid Appalachian Maple legs. The all-natural wood finishes are water-based with zero VOCs. All the wood in the Birch Wood Frame comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified locations which are also LEED compliant and CARB compliant, promoting responsible energy and pollution monitoring practices. This low-profile solid wood bed frame features beautifully minimalistic, solid Japanese joinery with naturally noise-reducing joints. Setup is simple, with no need for tools or metal hardware. Easy, simple, safe.

    What we love:
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Non-Toxic
    • No tools required for assembly
    • Sturdy design
    • Made in the USA
    • Minimalist look
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  5. The Eco-Wood Platform Bed
  6. The Eco-Wood Platform Bed

    Made from 100% reclaimed wood, the Eco Wood Bed Frame is handcrafted in Avocado's Los Angeles woodshop, finished in "rustic raw" with a zero-VOC sealant and super rugged solid Pine slats. It assembles quickly without any need for tools.

    What we love:
    • Sturdy solid wood construction
    • 100% Non-toxic
    • Handmade in Los Angeles
    • Platform bed - no box spring required
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  7. The Heavy Duty Frame
  8. The Heavy Duty Frame
    by Bedtek

    The Bedtek heavy duty bed frame takes the standard metal bed frame to the next level, supporting over 2,500 lbs. Constructed with non-toxic, advanced polymer resin, this steel bed frame uniquely absorbs sound between the mattress and frame. The wide feet and tongue and groove assembly create an extremely quiet and solid sleeping platform for even the heaviest and most active sleepers. This frame does not require any tools or hardware for assembly and simply snaps together. This means you don’t have to worry about loosening screws or parts that squeak or sway over time. Easily attach any standard headboard as well. 

    What we love:
    • Holds over 2,500 lbs
    • Non-Toxic
    • Sturdy wide feet
    • Quiet "squeak free" construction
    • Easy "snap together" assembly, no tools required
    • Made in the USA
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  9. The Natural "Reclaimed" Wood Bed Frame
  10. The Natural "Reclaimed" Wood Bed Frame
    by Avocado

    The Natural Wood Bed Frame is made in Avocado's Los Angeles woodshop, which marries traditional craftsmanship with high-tech capabilities. It's part of the natural furniture collection, which proudly features reclaimed wood, eco-conscious materials, and environmentally conscious manufacturing. The Natural Wood Bed Frame features clean, modern lines that complement its vintage aesthetic. This bed easily snaps together without the need for any tools.

    What we love:
    • 100% Non-toxic
    • Easy assembly - Zero tools required
    • Sturdy solid wood construction
    • Made with natural reclaimed wood
    • Made in the USA
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  11. The Palder Bed
  12. The Palder Bed
    by Medley

    The Palder Bed has an angled headboard supported by an all-wood frame. Your bedroom will be enhanced with a modern frame and a base that appears to float off the floor. The open spacing of the headboard gives the overall appearance of being light and open. The modern bed has a lightweight frame that gives it a unique, timeless look, and sleek design.

    What we love:
    • Multiple finishes available
    • Solid wood construction
    • Made in Los Angeles
    • Low minimalist design
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Do all bed frames have formaldehyde?

The vast majority of bed frames utilize formaldehyde in their production processes. Most commonly formaldehyde is used in the glue that assembles different particle boards or woods. There are a few bed frame manufacturers that pride themselves on using only solid wood materials without glues or sprays.

Is plywood toxic when used in beds?

Plywood is commonly used in beds as a platform support system in place of a box spring. Plywood is generally considered safe, however, they do use Formaldehyde in the production of plywood that can potentially be considered toxic and produce VOCs. If you are looking for the most eco friendly bed frame then it may be a good idea to find one that does not utilize particle board or plywood.

Are metal bed frames toxic?

Metal bed frames are usually less toxic than other materials and off-gas very little to none at all. The reason for their low toxicity is that they do not require the use of glues or stains like many of their wooden bed competitors do. The main concern when sleeping on a metal bed frame or metal box spring when compared to wood is the Electrical Pollution or EMFs. While metal bed frames are widely considered safe to sleep on and millions of people sleep on them every night, if you prefer to limit the amounts of electrical conductors in your bedroom it would be best to opt for a wooden frame. If you are limiting exposure to metals it would also be beneficial to skip an innerspring mattress and opt for a natural latex or cotton mattress instead.

What is more eco-friendly, metal or wood bed frames ?

The decision to choose a metal or wooden bed frame is a personal choice and varies from situation to situation. Each style of frame has its own pros and cons when it comes to their eco friendly and health benefits. The most important factor is to purchase from a reputable manufacturer who sources their materials in an eco friendly manner and who uses a responsible manufacturing process.

What to look for in an eco friendly wooden bed frame

Wood is a great option when looking for an eco friendly bed frame, however, there are a variety of factors to take into account when purchasing an eco friendly wooden bed frame. Each of these factors are details you can look for and use to decide whether the product is eco friendly and healthy or not.

Solid wood vs Manufactured wood

Solid wood is naturally sourced wood that is minimally processed and utilizes minimal glues and toxins. Manufactured woods are generally cheaper but are made from a bunch of wood chips or particles that are glued and pressed together. These glues and adhesives are where chemicals like Formaldehyde are used. In general, it is safe to assume a solid wood frame is going to be more non-toxic and eco friendly.

No VOC or Low VOC Paints

Make sure the bed frame you purchase was painted or stained with Lows VOC paint. Low VOC paint has minimal off-gassing and minimal chemicals used in its production.

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