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18 Crystals for Sleep: [Explore Each Crystal & Its Sleep Benefits]

Achieving a good night’s rest is a challenge. Many people go to great lengths to make it easier. They drink special teas, adjust their lifestyles, take medications, and more. But there may be one thing they have yet to try; crystals.


A crystal’s atoms arrange in an orderly, grid-like fashion. They have powerful energy fields and connect to elements in our bodies. They can help us in many ways, including warding off evil, giving us optimism, and helping us get clarity. Certain crystals can also help with sleep.

Below, read about the 18 best crystals to use for sleep. We’ll explain why each helps your mind and body rest and relax. Then, read about why crystals are so effective and how to use them optimally. That way, you can harness their power to lull you to dreamland.

The 18 Best Crystals To Use for Sleep

Below, read about 18 crystals for sleep. Each has different properties and attributes and addresses various sleep issues. Read through them and find which ones are best for you.


Amethyst is a vibrant purple stone and is one of the most common crystals. Many of its properties promote healthy sleep, though you must be careful about the size of the amethyst you choose.

Amethysts act powerfully on your nervous system, and they have a relaxing effect. Your nervous system is your brain’s dominant mode of connectivity to the rest of your body. If it senses calm, it will trigger calming responses in the rest of your body.

Amethysts can relieve stress, but they may be even better at helping block or remove negative thoughts. If you can reduce your distressing ideas, you can fall asleep faster. It may also help prevent nightmares.

However, amethyst can also be energizing. It helps you reconcile your emotions and brings clarity to your mind. Both of these things can be inspiring. If the amethyst vibrations seem too strong, move your stone to the other side of the room.


Many people use Angelite when they meditate. That’s because it has a soothing, calming effect. By reducing stress, Angelite helps some people who struggle with racing or worrying thoughts fall asleep faster.

It’s also connected to divine wisdom and clarity of the mind. Those properties can help with nightmares or confusing dreams. Sleeping within Angelite’s energy field can also help your brain process the day’s emotions, a critical part of REM sleep.

You can also use Angelite for cleansing, especially emotional cleansing. Keeping it by your bed or under your pillow, you’re more likely to wake up without emotional baggage from the previous day. 

It’s also excellent for couples. Keep Angelite in your bedroom, and you may awaken with new insight and forgiveness toward disagreements. You and your partner will be on the same wavelength.


Aragonite has a deep orange-red color, and it’s best used by people who wake too frequently during the night. It has tremendously relaxing properties that can help slip your body into the deepest stage of sleep.

Aragonite also facilitates understanding, clarity, and truth. You can use it for meditation, but while you sleep, it can help you learn from your dreams. 

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline has incredibly protective properties that you can use to help you fall and stay asleep. First, since it helps keep negative energy and forces away from you, it should help you feel more comfortable and safe, which can help you fall asleep.

You can use black tourmaline to help protect you against nightmares. Nightmares result from many things, some of which we don’t understand. However, depressing or even evil wavelengths around you can influence your dreams, and black tourmaline will keep them away.

In addition to protective properties, black tourmaline can also aid in cleansing. Breathing deeply in front of this crystal before you go to bed can help clear your body from anxiety and tension.

You can improve your sleep by using black tourmaline overnight or wearing it during the day. You’ll absorb less of your environment, making it easier to sleep through the night.


Celestite has relaxing properties that are different from many other crystals on this list. Rather than removing tension and negativity from you, celestite creates a pull in your body toward tranquility. That can also translate into craving sleep since that’s the most tranquil state.

Many people use celestite during chaotic phases of their life. Meditating with it can give you clarity. It allows you to see your situations from fresh and different perspectives. Sleeping near the celestite can help your mind process the turbulence of your day, resetting for tomorrow.

Celestite also acts on your third eye chakra, helping bring you more peaceful dreams and waking up feeling content.


If you have recurring dreams or nightmares, citrine can be especially beneficial. This is because it makes you feel strong and courageous. It can help your mind break through dream patterns in which it gets stuck, overcoming situations that repeat themselves overnight.

Citrine makes you feel empowered, and it brings you feelings of joyfulness, even elatedness. That can help you feel excited about the coming day, which relieves anxiety. It can also release feel-good hormones in your brain that give you pleasant dreams.

Some people find the energy of citrine disruptive to sleep. If you find that it makes you too exhilarated, keep it in another room or wear it for a few hours before bed. You’ll enjoy many of the same benefits in those ways.


Fluorite has gently soothing properties. It can assist your body with calming down slowly after a long day, helping you settle in for sleep. Once you achieve that state, fluorite can help preserve the peacefulness you need to stay asleep.

In addition to soothing, fluorite can give you clarity. It can help your mind sort out your emotions about events from the day. 

Fluorite has healing properties as well. During sleep, your body repairs damaged muscles and fights infections. Hang or place fluorite over the head of your bed while you sleep to maximize these benefits.

Green Calcite

In some ways, green calcite and fluorite are similar. Like fluorite, green calcite also has soothing and peaceful qualities, making it ideal for bedtime use.

Green calcite connects directly to our heart chakras. It can aid your heart and respiratory systems in calming down, which helps you fall and stay asleep. Try holding it against your heart and setting an intention before turning in for the night.

Connecting to your heart has other sleep benefits. Our heart provides critical insight into ourselves, especially what we most love and what most wounds us. You may find that you have interesting or even emotional dreams.


Howlite has a mighty name, and it’s a powerful stone. So much so that you may not expect to see it recommended for sleep. We included it, though, because it can help shift your thinking from logic to creativity.

Many of us know the feeling of lying awake at night trying to sort out our tasks for the next day or the last family argument. You’ve probably wished you could turn off–or at least turn down–those thoughts. That’s exactly what howlite can help you do.

By reducing those thoughts, howlite helps insomnia since overthinking is a colossal obstacle to falling asleep or back asleep if you wake during the night.


Lepidolite is a beautiful crystal to use for sleep, since it relieves anxiety, releases tension, and helps bring balance to your body and mind.

It’s difficult to list all the ways you can use lepidolite for sleep. Its calming properties help prepare your body for sleep and then help you stay asleep through the night. It can ease nightmares or anxious dreams, too.

As we’ve mentioned, the body does much of its healing while you sleep. Because of this, using a crystal with balancing effects can help with a range of issues involving your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It can even address minor problems before they manifest. 


With a name like “moonstone,” this crystal has to be good for sleep. Moonstone can give you a deep sense of tranquility, which is exactly what you want in your bedroom. 

Moonstone also offers spiritual protection and insight. These characteristics can ease nightmares. Sleeping with them or wearing them can also give you a sense of peace throughout your day, especially if you struggle with a mercurial mood.

This crystal is also closely associated with feminine energy. It can give you lucid (though not frightening) dreams that provide valuable insight into your subconscious. 


There are several different colors of opal, though any of them are good for sleep. Specifically, blue opal acts most powerfully on your mind. Since your brain needs sleep for rest, emotional processing, and making memories, it’s perfect for keeping over your head or under your pillow at night.

White opal has more spiritual effects than its blue counterpart. While it still affects the mind, it seems to tap into your subconscious and insight. It’s terrific during times of indecision and transition.

Finally, pink opal helps your mind connect to your heart. It can aid in tapping into your emotions and becoming more compassionate toward others. 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is best used before you go to bed. Its calming properties make it ideal for winding down at the end of the day. Keep it next to you as you go through your nighttime rituals, especially if you meditate, journal, or read.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the prettiest and most common crystals on this list. It has many purposes and is wonderful to use during the day and at night. It connects directly to your heart to bring you peace and joy overnight.

Specifically, you can use rose quartz during times of heartache and grieving. It won’t remove your pain, but it can help it exist alongside calm and joy for what it was. 

Rose quartz has a very gentle aura. This softness can be very comforting, especially if it’s missing in your life. Try keeping rose quartz beside your bed, or hold it while repeating the mantra, “I have all I need within myself.”


Believe it or not, selenite has been used for centuries to help quiet chronic snorers. Besides that, this radiantly white stone also has calming properties that make it good to use for sleep.

Selenium has cleansing characteristics, especially cleansing from negative thoughts, emotions, or energy. It can help keep your bedroom a peaceful space during the day while resetting your mind overnight.


Shungite has very powerful energy, so it might surprise you to see it on a list for sleep. However, since so many of its properties are also protective, it can help you sleep more restfully by avoiding hostile forces of all kinds.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a deeper color than rose quartz, but it also has strong properties that help you sleep. It’s terrific for evening meditation, as it is a grounding stone. It can help you release negative energy from your mind and connect you to the Earth.

By removing toxic thoughts, smoky quartz makes it easier to tap into your intuition and make decisions. Keeping it next to your bed can bring energizing, hopeful, or inspiring dreams. 

Tiger’s Eye

Rather than act on one particular part of your body, most varieties of tiger’s eye produce an overall calming effect. It’s great to hold as you initially lay down in your bed. Breathe in and out deeply, imagining its relaxing energy flowing through you.

Tiger’s eye can also help you maintain this deep relaxation through your entire night’s rest. That improves your overall sleep, but especially the deepest stages, which are the hardest to achieve. After you’re done with the breathing exercise, keep it on your nightstand. 

Why Do Crystals Help You Sleep?

Human beings around the world have relied on crystals for thousands of years. They used different stones for different purposes. Luckily, much of that wisdom has been passed down to us.

Crystals influence the energy in the space around them. If you have ever walked into a room or area and felt instantly calmer or excited, that’s the same sensation crystals create with their frequencies.

That’s also why you should choose your crystals carefully. That way, you can bring the right balance to your sleep environment for all stages of sleep.

There isn’t technically “scientific” evidence for the relationship between crystals and sleep. But it’s also important to acknowledge that western medicine continues to resist ancient knowledge and natural remedies.

Various cultures in far-flung parts of the earth came to use the same crystals for many of the same reasons. That phenomenon is hard to explain by anything other than the fact that crystals possess distinct properties. If it works for you, then it works.

How To Use Crystals for Sleep

You can use crystals in many ways to promote healthy sleep. Simply keeping them in your bedroom can help create and maintain a certain aura in the space. Keeping peaceful stones like moonstone or green calcite on your nightstand helps preserve serenity.

Similarly, place them in other spots around the room. Some people like to keep crystals below their mattress or under the bed. Others put them on a shelf above where they sleep. 

If you have to use your bedroom for other purposes (such as working from home), you can use crystals to differentiate between the spaces. Place cleansing crystals like Angelite or selenite in between your bed and desk.

You can also put crystals under your pillow at night as you sleep. This is an excellent tactic to use if one particular sleep issue seems to be more troublesome than others. Find a crystal that addresses it and put it below your head.

Wearing crystals is another way of incorporating them into your bedtime routine. Rings and necklaces that won’t get tangled might be the best options. Or, if you wear crystals during the day, hang your pieces on your nightstand.

Some companies have begun making bedding with tiny crystals woven into the fabric. These can be a terrific way to surround your body, creating a comforting cocoon to sleep in. Just be sure to wash them carefully.

Finally, don’t forget to charge your crystals regularly! Crystals need some love to keep being effective. You can charge them in several ways, including in the full moon or by giving them a sound bath.

Let the Power of Crystals Help You Sleep

Crystals have immense power to enhance our lives and improve them. Consistently getting a good night’s rest can change your life, and the right crystals can help you with that.

Read through the 18 crystals above, and find the ones that best address your needs. Some help you fall asleep by easing anxiety, while others allow you to stay asleep by creating a peaceful environment. Start using your crystals at night to achieve restful and rejuvenating sleep.

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