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(Top 4) Best Coccyx Pillows for Tailbone Cushioning

What is a coccyx pillow and where to buy one online


In this post we have listed our absolute favorite and most effective coccyx pillows for relieving back and tailbone pressure. Do you often find your back or tailbone hurting after a long day of sitting? Do you avoid events where you will have to sit for long periods of time because you know you will be uncomfortable? A coccyx pillow may be a perfect soluti0n for you. A coccyx pillow works by taking pressure off of your tailbone as well as aligning your spine. This allows you to sit longer without the build up of pressure on your spine throughout the day. We have listed a variety of coccyx pillow shapes and materials in this post to best address all customers and needs. 

What is a coccyx pillow?

A coccyx pillow is a specially designed pillow that utilizes a U or O shape in order to take pressure off of the tailbone while still providing support for the rest of the body and spine. You place the pillow on the seat or surface you will be sitting on and simply you it as a cushion to sit on. The dissipation of spinal pressure throughout an entire work day makes a world of difference and will leave your entire spine feeling less “compressed” and with less pain. 

Do coccyx cushions work?

Coccyx cushions work extremely well at taking pressure off of the coccyx and lower back while still supporting and aligning the rest of the spine. The unique shape of a coccyx pillow allows the coccyx to essentially “hang” in the air with no pressure pushing against it from the bottom. This allows it to decompress and expand, which can be a great relief when compared to sitting on a hard chair all day that causes constant compression. 

Which coccyx pillow shape is right for you?

U Shape: The U shaped coccyx pillow is the most common option on the market and is most commonly used for tailbone or coccyx pain relief due to an injury or back pain due to the pressure of sitting in the wrong position for too long. A U-shaped pillow is excellent at allowing relief for the spine and coccyx while still providing great support for the rest of the spine and the body. 

O – Donut Shape: A donut shaped pillow or “donut pillow” is circular with an opening in the center. This shape is great for taking weight off of pressure points and for hemorrhoids or relief for post natal pain. 

The many benefits of a coccyx pillow

Relief for tailbone pain: Probably the most common benefit and reason someone would purchase a coccyx pillow is for relief fir their tailbone pain. A coccyx pillow uniquely has a cut out right where the tailbone sits so that it can essentially “hang” in the air with zero pressure. If you have pain on your tailbone when you sit then a coccyx pillow will help you sit pain free. 

Lower Back Pain Relief: The slight slant built into a coccyx pillow encourages the body to lean slightly forward, helping the spine to sit in proper alignment and taking pressure off of the lower back. The cushioning also helps to relief lower back pressure.

Improved Posture: A coccyx pillow forced the spine into an upright position which will help decrease slouching and encourage better posture throughout the day. 

Healing from injuries and childbirth: After an injury to your tailbone or childbirth it can be painful to sit in a chair. A coccyx pillow helps to support the pelvis while taking pressure off of the tailbone. 

Portable Comfort: Coccyx pillows are an easily portable way to increase comfort while traveling or on the road. The unique design is great for anyone who wants cushioning and support while sitting throughout the day. 

Top 4: Coccyx Pillows for Tailbone Cushioning



Proprietary memory foam and unique design for maximum pressure relief and comfort. Soft removable cover.

PRICE: $79


This coccyx pillow is specially shaped by in-house ergonomists, this seat cushion is scientifically designed to relieve sitting and hip pressure while improving sitting posture on any chair. Proprietary extra-dense charcoal memory foam is odor resistant and provides velvet support for all-day sitting comfort. This pillow instantly adds enjoyable bottom cushioning to any chair to relax hip muscle and improve posture. It also has a grippy bottom layer that secures the cushion against your chair. Cushion Lab also has an optional back relief lumbar pillow that you can add on to your order for the ultimate sitting comfort. This pillow provides high end coccyx relief at an affordable price and is small and portable enough to take with you on the go. The cover is also very soft and comfortable to sit in while wearing shorts or pants. 



Contour living's most popular coccyx pillow made 3" wider.

PRICE: $39.95


Contour Living has made their most popular coccyx pillow available in a wider size to accommodate wider hips and larger individuals. This cushion is 3 inches wider than the standard Kabooti cushion and comes with the same coccyx cut out for tailbone relief. The overall width is 20 inches and has an ergonomic design top support proper posture and spinal alignment throughout the day. This cushion also comes in a variety of color options and is easy to transport while on the go. 



Comfort, posture and spinal alignment cushioning and support

From $64.99


The ultimate in support and positioning for any chair. Use this combination wherever you sit and experience proper posture and support all day long. Perfect for uncomfortable (and unsupported) office chairs and car seats. The bottom portion is the popular Kabooti seat that has seven distinct features to properly position your body and provide ergonomic support where you need it most. Add the proven design of our full length back and lumbar support Freedom Back and you have the ultimate seating support system. Your body will thank you!



Simple design. Luxury fabric cover. Available in latex or memory foam

From $54


The seat cushion by Brentwood Home isn’t a coccyx pillow but it is a seat cushion that can help take pressure off of your tailbone while sitting. If you are simply looking for a cushion to make your seat more comfortable this is a great option for you.  Brentwood has made it available in 2 different soft fabric colors as well as with memory foam or natural latex


Overall, a coccyx pillow can be a great way to cushion your tailbone, promote proper posture and give you support while you are sitting throughout the day. The longer you sit the more a coccyx pillow will benefit you. There are a variety of coccyx pillows on the market and while each does aim to provide the same benefits, you want to choose one that is made with quality design and materials in order to ensure your body is getting the right support and is being adjusted to the correct position. Low quality cushions often have minimal testing and can make your posture worse rather than better.