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Best RV Bunk Mattresses Online 2021

What is an “RV Bunk” mattress and where can you buy one?


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RV manufacturers try to accommodate as many sleepers as they can in a small space, which means odd sized mattresses and the inevitable bunk bed. Bunk beds are a great way to save space but you probably realized your RV Bunks are a different size than a standard twin mattress. You probably also realized the mattresses that the manufacturer put originally put in are not very comfortable. If you are looking for where to buy a replacement RV Bunk Mattress you have come to the right place. With a rise in the online mattress trend over recent years, you are now able to easily purchase custom mattresses online. We have done all the research and listed our top picks for the best options available on the market today. Our list includes everything from luxury options to customizable options and budget friendly picks. We have done our best to make sure that by the end of this post you know which mattress will suit your needs best.


Short Queen Sheets, Protectors, Toppers, etc...

Top 5: Best RV Bunk Mattresses


A very comfortable medium-firm memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

From $186


The Wanderlust RV bunk mattress is made by which is owned by The Brooklyn Bedding Company. This is a basic memory foam mattress build and is perfect for the majority of sleepers. The fact that this mattress starts at only $186 makes it a great buy and a perfect mattress for putting in a camper or RV that gets occasional use. If you are planning to sleep on this mattress every night or plan to have heavier individuals sleep on it we recommend getting at least an 8″ or 10″ option. 

The construction of the Wanderlust is made of all foam. The base layer is a high density support foam with a memory foam comfort layer on top. Memory foam has a unique “cradling” effect that is different from a standard coil or innerspring mattress. Many customers enjoy the feel of memory foam but it is important to know that there are certainly people who dislike it.



Comfortable 2-sided mattress for all sleep preferences.
Great reviews (over 200 5-star reviews).

From $469


The Luxury Gel Foam Mattress by Mattress Insider is a quality memory foam mattress at a great price. If you enjoy the unique feel of memory foam then this mattress is a great option for you. Mattress Insider has made their most popular memory foam mattress available in a variety of sizes including many of the popular rv bunk sizes, as well as pretty much any custom size you can imagine. This mattress also comes with adjustable comfort capabilities, allowing customers to flip the mattress or rearrange the memory foam layers inside in order to adjust their firmness level. The cooling gel foam helps to regulate the sleeping temperature to help keep you sleeping cool during hot summer months. Lastly, Mattress insider has added an organic cotton cover giving a luxuriously soft and health friendly sleeping environment. The Luxury Gel foam mattress is available in a standard RV bunk size as well as a rounded corner option to fit in many unique shaped RV beds. 



Brooklyn Bedding's Most Popular Mattress. Luxurious materials at a great price. Sleeps cool.

From $1,162

The Brooklyn Aurora RV bunk mattress is perfect for the ultimate comfortable during life on the road. This is Brooklyn Bedding’s most popular mattress and they have decided to offer it in aRV bunk size to accommodate RVs and campers. If you want the most luxurious night sleep while you travel then this is hands down the highest quality mattress available in an RV Bunk size. The hybrid element means the Aurora utilizes springs as well as foam comfort layers in order to provide the support and bounce of a traditional innerspring mattress with the comfort and pressure relief of foam. The Aurora is available in soft, medium and firm options to meet all comfort needs (if you are unsure of your comfort preference we recommend going with the Medium feel as this generally meets over 80% of sleepers). Thousands of customers happily sleep on the Aurora mattress in their homes every night so this mattress is built to withstand daily use and the elements of life on the road. 


A great mattress for back pain and for those who dislike the feel of an all foam mattress.

PRICE: From $417


The park meadow mattress is great for RV owners who are looking for a bunk mattress that has a traditional innerspring feel. Many of the mattresses today are made with all foam, but an all foam mattress can feel quite different than an innerspring mattress that many customers have grown accustomed to. For customers suffering from back pain or who require extra support this mattress is a perfect option. Mattress Insider specializes in custom and unique size mattresses. They have been manufacturing mattresses since 2008 and have serviced over 70,000 happy customers! Their customer service is 2nd to none, as customers rave about their quick response time and friendly staff. We have personally purchased mattresses for our RV from Mattress Insider and feel confident recommending any products they offer. 



Custom shapes and sizes that are easy to order online

PRICES FROM: $400-$700


If your RV bunk mattress has a notch or corner cut out of it then you are limited to the mattress options available. Luckily, Tochta mattress makes is extremely easy to order custom size or shape mattresses online with their custom mattress software. Easily customize any shape and comfort of of your mattress with a click of a button and order it online. Each mattress will be custom manufactured, roll packed and shipped to your door. 


  • Customizable comfort levels
  •  Different thicknesses available
  • Unlimited custom shapes and sizes

About the company:

With over 25 years of mattress making experience and over 2 million happy customers, Tochta is no stranger to providing high quality sleep products. They provide customers with free shipping and a 100 day risk free trial so you can be sure the mattress is right for you before fully committing. 

What size is an "RV Bunk" mattress?

RV Bunk Mattresses are usually thin and long and can support one sleeper comfortably. They can come in a variety of sizes depending on the RV/Camper model and manufacturer. The most common RV bunk sizes are:

  • 28 inches by 75 inches 
  • 30 inches by 75 inches 
  • 30 inches by 80 inches
  • 34 inches by 75 inches 
  • 35 inches by 79 inches

How thick should an RV bunk mattress be?

Bunk mattresses should generally not raise above the guard rail at the edge of the bed. This is to help avoid falling out of the bed. Usually most guard rails will support a 6″ thick mattress and sometimes 8 or 10″. Check your RV or camper and choose a thickness that is right for your space. Most of the retailers we have listed will allow you to choose from a variety of mattress thicknesses. 

What is an RV bunk mattress?

An RV bunk mattress is exactly what the name suggests, a mattress that goes inside a bunkbed within your RV or camper. Many RV manufacturers use bunk style mattresses to accommodate more sleepers. These bunks vary in size depending on the RV model and manufacturer. An RV bunk mattress is usually thinner and long and is made to fit a single sleeper comfortably. 

What are the different types of rv bunk mattresses available?

While options for rv mattresses that fit into an odd sized bunk are limited there are surprisingly quite a few mattress manufacturers that have expanded their offerings to include RV bunk sizes. This means customers still have an option to choose a mattress style and comfort that fits their needs. Below are some of the different mattress styles available in an RV bunk size:

  • Innerspring RV bunk mattress: An innerspring mattress is a traditional style mattress that utilizes coils for its support system. This is the most common type of mattress and is the typew that most sleepers are used to. We have listed one manufacturer that makes an innerspring bunk mattress above but when it comes to bunk style mattresses the fact that they are so thin usually better suits an all foam mattress construction. 
  • Hybrid RV Bunk Mattress: A hybrid mattress is a fancy way of specifying that the mattress utilizes innersprings as well as foam. This gives the sleeper the traditional bounce and support of a spring mattress while also providing pressure relief and comfort properties of a foam mattress. We recommend hybrid mattresses to the large majority of sleepers who don’t have any specific sleep needs.
  • Memory RV bunk mattress: Memory foam has recently become very popular in the bedding market. The material was originally made for use by NASA and was ultimately used in mattresses due to its unique pressure relief and cradling properties. Memory foam has a very unique feel that some people love and others hate. If you have never tried sleeping on a memory foam mattress before it is important to note that the feeling it very different from a traditional spring mattress.
  • Custom cut corners and sizes: Many RV mattresses may have a rounded corner or custom cut our edges. If this is the case we have provided a retailer below in our suggestions that will be able to accommodate and custom cuts for you.

How much does an RV bunk mattress cost

Due to the smaller size and thinner profile of an rv bunk mattress the pricing is much more affordasble than other mattresses on the market. Our cheapest memory foam option listed starts at $186 while the most expensive option can run upwards of $1000. 

Things to consider before choosing a mattress for your rv bunk bed.

These are important factors to take into consideration when deciding which replacement rv mattress to purchase. 

  • Usage: How often will you be sleeping on this mattress? How long will it need to last? If you plan to sleep on this mattress for multiple nights in a row or want it to last for many years we recommend staying away from the entry level affordable mattresses. 
  • Does your mattress have custom cut corners? If your mattress has custom cut corners your options will be more limited to one or 2 retailers.
  • Material: Do you prefer a specific type of feel. The comfort level of Memory foam to innerspring mattresses or latex mattresses is all very different. It is important to understand what it is you like to sleep on before choosing a mattress that is right for you.
  • Firmness: What firmness do you prefer? Many of the mattresses we provide on this list will allow you to choose a firmness or are built to accommodate the large 80% of sleepers who prefer to sleep on a medium-firm mattress.
  • Sizing: Be sure to measure the exact size of your bed platform to be sure the mattress you choose will fit exactly. Many custom mattresses come with a zero return policy. 

Where to buy custom rv bunk sheets:

Our favorite retailer for custom size bed sheets is They have the best selection and provide great customer service. They also sell custom mattresses so they understand exactly the sizes you will need.

Where to buy an rv bunk topper:

If you need a custom size mattress topper then is the place to go and is honestly one of the only places that provides mattress toppers for RVs. You can choose to purchase a memory foam topper and can even add an organic cotton cover to it.

Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

Most often the answer is no. A regular mattress is nit going to fit in a custom size bed platform. While some RVs do in fact use standard size mattresses, most will use a odd sizes in order to gain additional living space within the RV.

Are RV mattresses different than regular mattresses?

RV mattresses are different sizes than standard mattresses. This is usually due to a lack of usable space within the RV. Manufacturers opt to use a shorter mattress in order to gain more space. These shorter “RV mattresses” are generally still able to accommodate the majority of sleepers (minus some taller than average individuals who may find their feet hanging off the end).

How can I make my RV bunk mattress more comfortable?

To make your RV mattress more comfortable you can either decide to purchase an entirely new mattress from one of the retailers we have listed or you can choose to purchase a mattress topper from a place like

Alternative options for purchasing a custom size mattress

If you prefer not to purchase your mattress online you can look for custom mattress factories in your area to build you a mattress you can test out before buying. A couple custom mattress manufacturers you can check out in person are:

What to do with your old custom mattress?

When you purchase a mattress online you are left to find a way to get rid of your old one. Luckily “A Bedder World” has mattress disposal services throughout the country. We work with mattress recycling centers to make sure your old mattress gets disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. To date we have recycled over 500K mattresses. Book a pick up here. Or try recycling it yourself!


Odd size mattresses are very common in RVs and there are quite a few high quality companies providing options for replacement rv bunk mattresses. All of the companies listed in this post are companies that we trust and that have great reputations within the sleep community. You can feel confident placing an order with an of them.