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Best Pregnancy Mattresses 2021

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As you become more pregnant, one of the most common complaints is that of being continually uncomfortable. Finding comfort as your body and hormones change can be difficult. One of the most difficult times is night and sleeping. You can never seem to get in a comfortable position, your arm falls asleep, you have to pee…. You name it, it will keep you from the deep nights sleep that you so desperately crave. One of the ways to help ease this discomfort is to get a quality sleeping environment that will help minimize some of the new discomforts you are experiencing. The mattresses we have chosen in this post all have features that are great perfect for pregnant sleepers

What to look for in a pregnancy mattress

When you are pregnant, buying a mattress may come with some new feature requirements. It is important to take these new needs into account while also recognizing that after 9 months you will no longer be pregnant but will still most likely be sleeping on this same mattress. All the mattresses we have chosen in this post are great for pregnancy as well as great for every day sleeping use. 

Things to consider when looking for a pregnancy mattress:

  • SPINAL ALIGNMENT – You want to make sure the mattress you choose has enough support and stability to help keep your spine aligned and your lower back supported. The new and altered weight distribution during pregnancy can be tough on the spine and lower back muscles so be sure to choose a mattress that can help you with that. Generally, mattresses on the firmer end of the spectrum tend to be better for spinal support, although that is not always the case. 
  • MOTION TRANSFER – When you are pregnant you will be getting up a lot more at night to pee and will most likely be tossing and turning more often. A mattress that minimizes motion transfer will help to make sure your partner doesn’t get woken up every time you move.  Memory foam and mattresses with individually pocketed coils will help minimize motion dramatically. 
  • COOLING – Many pregnant women complain about feeling hot, especially during the night. A mattress that has breathable and cooling features will help to give some relief. 
  • NON-TOXIC – Some pregnant women may be worried about the chemicals in their mattress since their head will be directly next to it for the whole night. If you prefer a mattress with organic materials we have provided our favorite organic option below. 

Best Pregnancy Mattresses



What Customers love: Over 6000 5 star reviews. Great spinal alignment and pressure relief. Breathable and sleeps cool.

The Puffy mattress comes in right around $850 for a queen size and is our #1 pregnancy mattress pick. 

Pregnancy Benefits:

  • The Puffy is medium-firm on the firmness scale and is built to satisfy the majority of sleepers. Which will be great for after pregnancy as well
  •  It provides plenty of needed back and shoulder support for pregnant women. Their top layer of memory foam also cradles the body and provides pressure relief to joints. During pregnancy it is important to keep proper spinal alignment to decrease lower back pain and Puffy does a great job with this. 
  • Great price point for the features offered
  • Patented open cell cooling and breathable foam
  • Washable waterproof zippered cover



What Customers love:
- Highest organic and non-toxic certifications in the industry.
- Customers can adjust the comfort layers at home to make firmer or softer.

Plushbeds is a respected name in the mattress industry and has been around for a long time. They make quality mattresses and are known for their organic and health conscious materials. Plush beds also offers every customer a 100 day risk free trial or their mattresses and free shipping and free returns. 

Benefits for pregnancy: 

  • Organic and non-toxic: Many families are extra aware of the toxins that go into their body when they are expecting a baby. Since you rest your head next to your mattress for gegerally 8 hours every day it is only natural that you would worry about what your mattress is made of. The botanical bliss mattress has some of the highest organic non-toxic and off-gasing certifications in the industry. They also offer organic bedding as well. 
  • Adjustable comfort: The botanical bliss allows customers to unzip the cover and change around the latex layers inside. This allows them to change the feel from soft to firm and anywhere in-between. The king and cal king sizes even let you customize cumfort for 2 different sleepers (your partner can have one firmness while you have another). The adjustable comfort also means you can adjust the comfort while you are pregnant (maybe making it slightly firmer for back support) and then change it back after you are no longer pregnant. 
  • Support and pressure relief – Latex provides some of the best support and pressure relief out of all the foams on the market. It cradles your bodies’ curves while still supporting you. After sleeping on latex you will probably never go back to another type of mattress again. 



What Customers love: Luxurious feel with unbeatable pressure relief qualities

The Royal mattress by Puffy takes the original award winning Puffy Mattress to the next level. If you are looking for the ultimate in lasting comfort, support and pressure relief and are willing to pay for it then the Royal mattress is a perfect option for you. 

Features for pregnancy: 

  • Great for all sleeping types
  • Motion transfer reduction
  • 5 zone support system: This provides different levels of support for the different sections of your body. Enhancing the pressure relief to shoulders and hips while supporting your head legs and mid section. This is the ultimate in spinal alignment and will be great for relieving lower back pain. 
  • Cooling and breathable foam layers – Patented foam design disperses heat from your body and helps you sleep cooler. 
  • Stain resistant and washable cover 
  • 101 day risk free trial



What Customers love: Sleeps cool and provides industry leading pressure relief

The Molecule mattress is endorsed by dozens of well known athletes from Tom Brady to Alex Morgan and Russell Wilson. Their focus is on providing a mattress that will help cater to the life on an athlete. Their cooling technology, muscles recovery and moisture wicking features are all 2nd to none in the industry. 

Pregnancy benefitting features: 

  • Industry leading pressure relief
  • Sleeps cool
  • Moisture wicking cover
  • Supportive base layers
  • Motion isolation technology



What Customers love: A great hybrid mattress at an entry level price.

The Allswell mattress is one of the most popular hybrid mattresses on the market. It utilizes springs and foam to provide a mix of the classic spring mattress feel with the memory foam comfort layer on top. At $650 for a queen size the Allswell is an amazing mattress for the price. 

  • Motion transfer isolation: The use of individually pocketed coils and memory foam provides great motion transfer minimization. 
  • Affordably priced: With a lot of new baby expenses in the mix it is beneficial to be able to save some money and still get a great mattress.
  • Universal comfort – The medium-firm comfort level is great for the majority of sleeping preferences. 

What position should I sleep in when pregnant?

The position usually sleep in  may have to change when you become pregnant. If you are curious about what position is safest for yourself and your unborn baby we suggest you checkout this article. They do a great job of explaining the different sleep positions and different stages of your pregnancy and why each may or may not be safe and comfortable. 

How to get rid of your old mattress when buying online?

You just bought a new mattress. It arrives in a box and you can’t wait to test it out. But wait, how do you get rid of your old mattress? The mattress store used to take it away for you. Well, luckily we specialize in mattress recycling throughout the country. You can simply book a mattress pick up online with us, put your mattress outside and POOF we will come take it away. We have recycled over 500K mattresses to date and work with a lot of the bed-in-a-box companies. 

Overall, choosing from different pregnancy mattresses shouldn’t be any more difficult than choosing a mattress as you usually would. Look at the features that you need and make an educated decision based on your specific needs and what features you think would benefit you and your situation the most. The one thing we do recommend is that you do not skimp on a mattress at this time in your life. If you are sleeping on a mattress that does not provide you the right support it will only cause you more discomfort down the road and you will ultimately end up spending more on another mattress within a year or two.