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6 Most Comfortable "Camping Beds", According to Our Tests

A thorough review of our favorite beds for camping


Camping beds have come a long way over the years as outdoor product manufacturers continue to try to keep us as comfortable as possible while enjoying the great outdoors. Camping beds may be one of the most important products to consider when buying gear for any camping adventure. If you cannot be comfortable and get a good night sleep then the rest of your trip will suffer. We have gathered our favorite camping beds on the market from each category and put them together for you. All of these beds have been tested by outdoor enthusiasts across the country and has passed the real world test with flying colors. Whichever bed or mattress you choose from this list will be a comfortable option for your next adventure. 

The different kinds of camping beds:

There are a wide variety of beds on the market aimed at the camping enthusiast and a wide variety of prices. All of the options in the list below have been chosen for their great value, meaning they offer a great product at a reasonable price compared to their competitors. 

The different kinds of camping beds:

Camping Cot: The camping cot is a foldable hammock style bed that sits above the ground. Camping cots are easy to fold up and unfold for travel and are a great option if you do not have a tent to protect your body from the ground or if you are sleeping in a wet or muddy area. When comparing a cot to a pad or blow up mattress you will get a very different sleeping comfort. We recommend testing out a cot to make sure you like the comfort before purchasing one. 


Camping Floor mat: A floor mat usually fits a single person and is inflated by manually blowing into a tube. Floor mats are great due to their ability to shrink very small when not in use. A floor mat will not provide as much comfort as a full size air mattress but it certainly helps to cushion the body from the ground and is a great take anywhere option. 


Air mattress: An air mattress is one of the most popular camping bed options on the market. Air mattresses are great for couples or families who are looking for a comfortable sleeping option that is portable and easy to set up. Most air mattresses come with an electric pump that you can simply plug in and inflate your mattress with. Air mattresses provide the most comfort if working properly. The only downside to air mattresses is that many times they begin to leak and end up deflated by morning. Be sure to do your research and choose a high quality air mattress that won’t begin to leak after only a couple uses. 

Things to consider before buying a camping bed


Things to consider before purchasing a camping bed: There are a variety of beds to choose from in the camping industry and each has its benefits and downsides. Be sure to think about what you need out of a camping bed and choose an option that is best for you. 


SIZE: How many people do you need to sleep? Is it just you? Do you need room for the whole family? Air mattresses come all the way up to a king size whereas most cots and camping mats are only available in single sizes. 

Comfort: Are you a sleep anywhere type of person who can get away with a small pad on the ground or are you looking for a more luxurious comfort? Do you prefer the softer air mattress feel or the firmness of a cot? Decide which comfort you prefer and go with what you think will help you sleep the best, regardless of what anyone else prefers. 

Height: Do you need to be up off the ground? A cot protects you from water, bugs and small animals by lifting you up off of the ground. Many locations have fire ants, flooding issues and other hazards that make choosing a cot over a floor sleeping bed advantageous. 

Price: How often will you be camping? How many nights in a row? If you are camping for a single night a few times a year you may be able to get away with a cheaper less comfortable option, whereas, if you are camping for days on end and multiple weeks or months out of the year you probably wan tot opt for a more comfortable and durable bed. 

9 Camping Bed Options


What customer love: Very sturdy and supportive frame. Comfortable mattress.

The Coleman ComfortSmart cot is a a great standard cot for campers. It keeps you off the ground while providing a sturdy support system and a decently comfortable sleeping platform. The foam layer on top of the cot is more than most cots on the market offer. It also easily folds up to be packed away in the car or storage. this camping bed has thousands of happy customers on Amazon and is a great basic cot for the price. Nothing fancy, just a comfortable functional nights sleep. 



What customers love: Easy to roll up and transport. Luxury memory foam comfort.

This mattress utilizes a high density support foam with memory foam on top and includes a detachable matching pillow. It is easy to roll up and includes a carrying case for protection while traveling. The cover includes a texturized non slip bottom and is waterproof. this makes it perfect for taking anywhere and in any weather conditions. 


What customers love: Durable, waterproof and self inflataing

The Wellax foam sleeping pad is a step up from your standard camping mattress. The self inflating foam creates for an easy to unpack thick and comfortable sleeping surface. Customers rave about this sleeping pad. It is well made and covered in a durable waterproof fabric, so you can take it anywhere and in any conditions. 



What customers love: Affordable and comfortable sleeping pad for the occasional camper.

With over 7,000 reviews the Sleepingo camping bed is one of the most popular camping mattresses on Amazon. It is simple to inflate by blowing into the hose and extremely light for easy on the go packing and transport. If you are the occasional camper who isn’t looking for luxurious comfort then this is a great option. 



What customers love: Self inflating and durable

The Enerplex is one of the most comfortable, durable and trusted brands on the market. They offer a 2 year warranty which is uncommon in the air mattress market. The mattress also has a special leak guard which prevents the mattress from leaking. The built in pump also allows you to inflate the mattress anywhere and increase/decrease the firmness to your specific comfort level. 


What customers love: 4" of comfortable self-inflating foam.

This mattress utilizes 4″ of durable polyurethane foam and an intake and release valve to allow you to adjust the comfort to your desired firmness. The bed only weights 13lbs and can be easily deflated and packed up without the use of a motor. 

Overall, the camping bed you choose really depends on your specific sleeping needs. Each option above provides different benefits and downsides that you can analyze and use to choose the right bed for yourself. The variety of options on the market today allows us to find a solution that is perfect for all needs.