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Best 6 Inch Mattress Options Online in 2021

Where to buy a 6 inch mattress online


In this post we have listed the best 6 inch mattress options available to purchase online. 6 inch mattresses are generally the thinnest mattresses that manufactures will make, due to the need for sufficient layers of support. While 6 inch mattresses do come in all sizes they are most commonly used on twins and fulls or for bunk bed mattresses. Many 6 inch mattresses are poorly made and will not hold up to heavy use. We have done all the research and have listed our favorite options online. 

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Is a 6 inch mattress enough support?

A 6 inch mattress is going to be built with a bottom layer of support foam and a top layer of memory foam or comfort foam. This built is enough support for the majority of sleepers, however, it may feel very firm for heavier individuals. We generally recommend that adults opt for at least an 8 inch mattress if it is something they will sleep on every night, while kids can happily sleep on a 6 inch mattress. 

What is a 6 inch mattress used for?

Bunk Bed Mattress: 6 inch mattresses are often used as mattresses for bunk beds. This is due to the fact that the thinner profile can allow the sleeper to be lower and not rise above the safety rails. 6″ mattresses are the most common option chosen for bunk beds, especially for the top bunk. 

Daybed Mattress: Daybeds often utilize a thinner mattress in order to allow for more room for sitting and lounging. Daybeds also generally need to be firmer to support sitting and sleeping positions, so a thinner mattress is often a firmer sleeping surface than a thicker mattress. 

Trundle Mattress: Trundle mattresses generally need to be thinner in order to slide underneath the bed set they are attached to. Often a 6″ or 8″ mattress is required. 

Kids Mattress:  Mattresses for kids are generally thinner than adult mattresses because they are more affordable and do not need to support as much weight. A 6″ mattress will cost almost half the price of a 12″ mattress and will still provide the comfort that a young child needs. 

Things to consider before buying a 6 inch mattress.

Frequency of Usage: We have listed mattresses that meet all standards and budgets. Be sure to think about how often you will be using your mattress. If it will be a guest bed or an extra sleeper you may want to go with a budget mattress, while if it is an every night sleeper you may lean towards a more luxury sleeping experience. 

Material: When it comes to material memory foam, latex and innerspring mattresses all have different benefits and feels. It is important to know which you prefer and choose a mattress that meets your needs. 

Price: Generally speaking, the more expensive the mattress the higher quality materials and the longer it will last. Our best all around mattress is a great middle ground between quality materials and an affordable price. 

The different types of three 6 inch mattresses available

6 inch mattresses are very common in the marketplace due to their affordability and thin profile. There are a variety of options and different materials to choose from, each with its own benefits and downsides. 

Memory Foam 3/4 mattress: Memory foam was originally invented and used by NASA and ultimately transitioned into use within the sleep industry. Memory foam has great pressure relief abilities but can have a unique feel that takes some getting used to. If you have never slept on a memory foam mattress we recommend testing one out before deciding to purchase one. 

Latex 3/4 mattress: Latex is one of the most natural and eco-friendly materials in the bedding industry. Latex is not only a popular health-conscious choice but it also has amazing pressure relief and support capabilities. The only downside to latex is that it is quite a bit more expensive than competing foams. 

Top 4: 6 Inch Mattresses



The best all around memory foam mattress that money can buy.
Over 2,000 5-star reviews.

PRICE: From $149


The Brooklyn Chill mattress is a basic memory foam mattress made by Brooklyn Bedding. Brooklyn Bedding is a trusted name in the mattress industry and makes all of their own mattresses locally in the USA at their factory in Arizona. The majority of other 6″ mattresses you will find on Amazon will be imported from China and much lower quality. The Chill is available in a variety of thicknesses from 6 inches to 14 inches thick. It is a standard memory foam mattress, made with a layer of high density support foam on the bottom and memory foam on top. This mattress has unbeatable value at its low price point. 



High quality natural latex with an organic cotton cover. Greenguard gold certified.

PRICE: From $395


SleepEZ specializes in manufacturing natural and organic latex mattresses. They provide a variety of different styles and sizes, including a 6″ latex mattress option. This mattress includes a bottom layer of high density support foam topped with a layer of all-natural latex and covered with a natural cotton cover. If you are looking for a chemical free healthy 6 inch mattress then this is the best option on the market. 



Comfortable 2-sided mattress for all sleep preferences. Organic cotton cover.
Great reviews (over 200 5-star reviews).

From $299


The Elation 6″ gel foam mattress is mattress insiders most popular mattress. This mattress is 2-sided and allows the customer to flip it in order to choose from a medium or firm sleeping surface. The Elation is built with a base high density support foam on the bottom, a breathable eggcrate foam in the middle for airflow and temperature regulation and ultimately a layer of gel memory foam on top for comfort and pressure relief. If you suffer back pain or need pressure relief this is a great 6″ mattress option for you. 



A luxury foam mattress at an affordable price

From $450


The 6 inch mobile plush mattress is built with quality high density foam to withstand the heaviest of sleepers and to last for years to come. The MobilePlush is originally built for RVs, so it is made to handle all different types of sleepers and all types of conditions. Plushbeds prides themselves on using foam and materials that are health conscious and have no chemical off-gassing. 

Need 6 inch deep mattress accessories?

If you need sheets, comforters, mattress protectors, etc… all of the companies listed above also provide accessories that you can purchase with your mattress. 

Alternative options for purchasing a 6 inch mattress?

If you prefer not to purchase your mattress online you can look for custom mattress factories in your area to build you a mattress you can test out before buying. A couple custom mattress manufacturers you can check out in person are:

What to do with your old custom mattress?

When you purchase a mattress online you are left to find a way to get rid of your old one. Luckily “A Bedder World” has mattress disposal services throughout the country. We work with mattress recycling centers to make sure your old mattress gets disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible. To date we have recycled over 500K mattresses. Book a pick up here. Or try recycling it yourself!


Six inch mattresses are actually fairly common and there are quite a few high quality companies providing options for replacement mattresses. All of the companies listed in this post are companies that we trust and that have great reputations within the sleep community. You can feel confident placing an order with an of them.