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6 Best "Wedge Pillows" for Different Positioning & Comfort Needs

Our top 6 favorite wedge pillows on the market




If you are in the market for a wedge pillow you have come to the right place. We have torn open and analyzed over 500K sleep products and have put together a list of our favorite and best wedge pillows. There are a variety of different options and styles of wedge pillows to choose from and each has its benefits and downsides. We will go through in-depth about each option and which one is best for your personal sleeping and health needs. 

What is a wedge pillow?

“A triangular pillow, shaped like a wedge, that is used to prop up your upper body while sleeping. A wedge can help minimize many sleep and health issues”

A wedge pillow is a triangular shaped pillow, generally between 20 and 40 degrees, that is used to prop up your upper body while sleeping. Many customers opt to purchase one of these pillows to help with certain sleep or health conditions that they experience throughout the night. A wedge can be made out of a variety of different materials and shapes/angles. It can also be put under the mattress or on top of it.

The Health Benefits of A Wedge Pillow:

The majority of people who purchase a wedge to sleep on do so because of the benefits it has on a variety of health issues that can hinder their quality of sleep. Sleeping upright at an angle with a wedge can help with everything from acid reflux to back pain. 

Acid Reflux

For individuals with acid reflux, the symptoms tend to be worse at night when they are laying down. This is due to the fact that when you are lying flat it is easier for digestive acids to escape the stomach into the esophagus. By simply raising the upper body slightly gravity helps to keep your digestive acids from leaking out as easily. 

Sleep Apnea

People with sleep apnea will stop breathing periodically throughout the night. They can sometimes show improvements and benefits from sleeping at a more upright angle. An upright angle of the head and chest can help to open airways and make breathing easier. 


Snoring occurs in around 45% of individuals. Many people find that sleeping in a more upright position will decrease snoring due to the increased airflow from opening the windpipe. Wedge pillows are very popular as a snoring remedy and have various individuals claiming it stopped their snoring altogether. 


Congestion is especially common in individuals with allergies or during cold season. A wedge pillow utilizes gravity to help drain the sinuses and decrease congestion, helping you feel less “stuffy” in the mornings. 

Back and Neck Pain

Sleeping or sitting in the wrong position can be one of the worst aggravators for back pain symptoms. The proper alignment of the spine can do wonders in taking pressure off the spine and allowing your muscles to relax. There are many wedge pillows designed precisely for relieving back and neck pain. These specific pillows usually combine an elevation for your upper torso along with a wedge under your knees to keep them slightly bent. 


Elevation is one of the most common recovery recommendations. By elevating a portion of the body above the heart you are reducing blood flow and ultimately reducing swelling. A wedge pillow can be used under the torso or under your legs to elevate whichever portion of your body is necessary. 

Choosing a wedge pillow:

As you will see listed below, there are a variety of different types of wedge pillows on the market to choose from. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist if you are confused as to which would be best for your specific needs. A wedge used for back pain may require a lower angle or a knee pillow while a pillow for sleep apnea may require a more increased elevation. 



Wedges come in a variety of sizes and angles. Decide how elevated you would like to be and choose a wedge that meets your unique needs. A thicker wedge may be practical for resting in bed but may be difficult to sleep with or vice versa. 


Do you like the feel of memory foam? Do you prefer traditional foam? Is it important to you to have an organic cover? These are questions you should ask yourself when choosing which wedge you will buy. While most of these choices will not hinder the performance of the pillow in terms of effectiveness at treating health conditions, they may help to increase your comfort level or peace of mind. 


There are a variety of different styles of wedges to choose from. Some go under your mattress and elevate your mattress without changing your actual comfort on top of the mattress. Others sit on top of the mattress and go under your back or include a knee rest in addition to the wedge. Choose a style that is right for you. 

6 Best Wedge Pillows



What Customers love: Gentle slope for versatile use. Pressure relieving memory foam and soft knit cover.

PRICE: $85

Who this pillow is best for: This pillow is perfect for sleepers who are looking for a versatile wedge pillow that is comfortable and reasonably priced. It can be used as a backrest as well as a wedge to sleep on and is great for elevating the upper body or legs

The Specs: For ideal alignment and custom comfort however you rest. The Crystal Cove Yoga Wedge Pillow provides support to your back that allows for proper breathing and circulation while you sleep, read in bed, or unwind on the couch. A 1.5-inch layer of naturally cooling activated charcoal-infused memory foam will hug your body and relieve pressure around your neck and shoulders, allowing you to recline comfortably wherever you choose. For easy care,  the luxe stitched gray cover is removable and machine-washable.

Our thoughts: This pillow provides a great level of support and comfort at a comparatively reasonable price within the industry. It is made in the USA and uses CertiPUR-US ceritified materials. Meaning they don’t use any harsh chemicals or additives.



What Customers love: Variety of configurations. Includes a leg lift pillow and neck rest

PRICE: $159

If you are looking for a versatile sleeping and lounging pillow that will help relieve your back pain and take pressure off of your spine then this pillow if perfect for you. The variety of configurations allow for proper spinal alignment whether you are reading or sleeping. The bamboo cover is removable and washable and provides breathability so you don’t sleep too hot. This pillow is made in the USA and utilizes CertiPUR-US foam with no added chemicals and is our top choice for anyone suffering from back pain or neck pain who wants a versatile sleeping solution.



What Customers love: Uninterrupted comfort while still providing elevation

If the idea of trying to sleep on a wedge pillow seems like it would be uncomfortable then you may want to try a wedge that goes under your mattress. This provides the same benefit of elevating your upper body without interfering with your normal sleep position. This option is best for people who are either stomach sleepers or who toss and turn throughout the night ands prefer not to have a pillow directly underneath them. 



What Customers love: Takes the pressure off of body curves

The contoured wedge is the perfect adaptation of the standard wedge to meet the needs of side sleepers. The wavy design actually takes pressure off of your shoulders, arms and head to make for a more comfortable side sleeping experience without your arm falling asleep. This wedge comes with a removable and washable bamboo cover and is also made here in the USA with certified CertiPUR-US foam. 



What Customers love: Organic cotton cover and all natural latex foam

PRICE: $60

This pillow is a standard wedge pillow but utilizes natural and organic materials to allow for the healthiest and most eco-friendly sleeping experience. The use of all-latex foam combined with an organic cotton cover means there are no chemicals or additives used. This pillow is available in 3 different thicknesses and can be used as a sleeping wedge or a back rest if turned upright. 



What Customers love: Serves the purpose of a wedge at an affordable price.

PRICE: $39

The zuma takes away all the fluff and gives you a simple standard foam wedge pillow. Available in 3 different sizes. This pillow can also be used as a sleeping wedge or turned upright and used as a backrest. At about half the price of the other wedges on this list, if you are looking for an occasional sleeping wedge that won’t be used everey night, this is your best bet. 


If you are looking for alternatives to using a wedge, there are a few options at your disposal. 

Adjustable Beds – An adjustable bed is more expensive than a wedge but allows you to lift your upper body or lower body into any position or height you desire. Adjustable beds work great with the majority of mattresses on the market today. 

Stacking Pillows – If you don’t feel like spending money you can always stack a couple pillows under your head/back. This will achieve the goal of elevation but it much harder to keep consistent positioning and can often end up causing back or neck pain from misalignment and lack of support

Downsides of wedge pillows

While wedge pillows do help minimize many health issues during sleep they have their downsides as well. The main one being comfort and ability to sleep. Sleeping with a wedge is not easy for some individuals. Hopefully with the variety of choices on this list you can find one that suits your needs. It is important to remember that a wedge is not a fix to any health issues but simply a way to minimize symptoms. 

Overall, wedges are a great product to assist your body into a position that allows you to get the most out of your sleep. Be sure to look at your unique needs and choose one that is right for you.